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Marriage Preparation 2021-2022

Click the following links for  information on marrying at St Francis Xavier:

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Diocese of Helena    The Diocese of Helena Suitable Place for Outdoor Wedding

Questions regarding Family Ministry and Marriage Preparation please contact Erin Turner



We look forward to welcoming new members into our parish community!

Baptism Preparation for Infant/Child – Pre-Registration Is Required with Brian Johnson 406-926-9797 or

When: Offered once a month, 11:30 am. Attend BOTH one “A” session AND one “B” session, with some work at home in-between. Remaining Sessions “A” Sessions: June 12th “B” Sessions:  July 10th
What: Preparation for parents & guardians of children for the Sacrament of Baptism. Two session programs, attend in either order, with reflections to complete between sessions. Designed for all parents/guardians to attend and participate in together. Baptisms scheduled at regular weekend liturgies.

First Holy Communion and First Reconciliation

First Reconciliation preparation is offered in the Fall each year. Second graders and above, who have been baptized Catholic, are invited to experience this sacrament in preparation for receiving their First Holy Communion. Please contact Brian Johnson 406.926.9797

2021-22 Schedule

Preparation for 1st Reconciliation & Communion

Note from Brian

When: Sept. 21/22 “Sacraments”

Oct. 19/20 “The Prodigal”

Nov. 16/17 “Lions, Witches, and Wardrobes”

Dec. 1st 7pm First Reconciliation (one session for all participants)

Dec. 15 (one session for all participants) “From Forgiveness to Feast!”

Jan. 18/19 “Exodus & Memorial”

Feb. 15/16 “The Last Supper”

Mar. 8/9 “First Communion Bread Baking”

April 5/6 “The Holiest Week of the Year”

April 10 Palm Sunday

April 14 Holy Thursday

April 15 Good Friday

April 16 Easter Vigil

April 30th to June 26th First Communions at regularly scheduled weekend masses,

1-3 families per mass. Online signup goes live the week of Jan. 18/19.


The Sacrament of Confirmation is offered to those baptized in the Catholic faith going into their junior or senior year of high school. There is a one year preparation process for confirmation beginning in the Fall.

Young Adults contact: Fr. Kirby Longo 406.697.5828 at Christ the King  who will be overseeing Missoula Area Youth Ministry 2022-23

Adult Confirmation is offered in conjunction with our RCIA process. Please contact Brian Johnson 406.926.9797

Confirmation Preparation

Confirmation Preparation:

When & What:

Program aimed at High School Sophomores; Juniors & Seniors by special permission

Monthly Meetings, September to April, at St. Francis Xavier.

Prerequisite: 2 years active involvement in Experiential Faith Formation Nights.

Includes service in liturgy at 6pm Mass at St. Francis Xavier, formation and support for Sponsors, and one of two confirmation preparation retreats (Oct. 8-9 OR Feb. 4-5). See attached High School Youth Ministry Calendar for Additional Details. Confirmation Ceremony is typically in April or May, determined by the Bishop’s office, TBD.


Religious Life / Ordained Ministries

If you are contemplating a vocation feel free to speak with our of our priests. Additionally more information maybe found through our links for both Diocesan as well as Jesuit Vocations.

Vocation information

To learn more about Jesuits West Jesuit Vocations