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Video reflection from Fr. Hightower, S.J. On this the Feast of St. Ignatius Loyola may we strive to see where God is present in the other person. 


“The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field…” (Mt 13:44a).

I’m overwhelmed in good way. Montana might be described by some as a treasure hidden in a field…, “shhh, don’t tell anyone about Missoula!” I captured several moments on video from my drive up to Missoula from California, with Fr. Steve Lantry as the driver and myself as the co-pilot. Disembarking from Los Angeles, Fr. Steve and I passed the Joshua Trees of the Mohave Desert, the Red Rock cliffs of Nevada, climbed in steady elevation through the state of Utah, and entered the green hills of Idaho. But none of that prepared me for the beauty of the Montana landscape. This is truly a dream come true, to enter this hallowed ground where nature welcomes you. Let’s see if I say the same thing come winter.

With exactly one week since I first step foot in Missoula, I have been introduced to several first time experiences. The first eye-opener happened as I presided over a funeral committal for a prominent member of the Salish community at St. Ignatius Mission. This was eye-opening as the tribal customs weaved in and out from the normal Roman Catholic funeral rite, it was beautiful to see the Salish spirituality break forth from the local people.

What else? I woke up this past Saturday morning to the garbage bin thrashed about the front lawn of the Jesuit community residence, a local Missoulian bear gave us the warm welcome. I’ve hiked the “L” on Mt. Jumbo. I’ve had a buffalo burger, received my first parking ticket (and immediate forgiveness for first time violations, thank you Missoula!), and on Sunday I caught a glimpse of the floaters floating down the Clark Fork River.

To be honest, I love it all. I’m excited to be here and serve as an assistant pastor for and with the Saint Francis Xavier community. I hope to get to know the community with time, and please do not hesitate to introduce yourself to me and invite me to experience the best of what Missoula and Montana has to offer, I’m here to learn and take it all in.

My old Californian ways will need to make space for the new ways of Montana. That is sort of what the Gospel of Mathew invites us to consider and pray with this Sunday, “When you become a learner in the kingdom of heaven, you are like a householder who can bring out of his storehouse both new and old things” (Mt 13:52b).

Fr. Victor Cancino, SJ

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Sprucing up!

Sprucing up!

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Mask Required

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