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LiveStream Recording of Sunday 10am Mass

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Closed until Further Notice 

After consultation with the Diocese of Helena and two positive COVID cases in our parish, St. Francis Xavier Church is closed until further notice.  (4/2/20)

Please remain at home and continue to visit our website and Facebook page in order to follow important parish updates and live-streaming of Sunday Mass. 

Though this sanctuary is closed, we are united as Church by the grace of Christ.  A grace that empowers us to love with deeper compassion, and allows us to experience deeper communion with new eyes and new hearts.  

“If we love one another, God lives in us and love is made complete in us… and the love of God drives out all fear.” 1 John 4:12 

Joseph Carver, S.J. 


Weekly Updates from Our Pastor

Friday April 3, 2020

Dear St. Francis Family,

An ancient spiritual insight is that when darkness is all around, we are called to keep faithful and focused on the light, no matter how dim things seem.  Remember the dynamic of the Cross. In moments of darkness and apparent abandonment, God works most powerfully. God is with us in the mess of things. The joy of the Resurrection always follows the anguish of the Cross. It’s important to recognize we still have choices here and how we act is important. We need to take responsibility and act wisely, without being paralyzed by fear or alternatively, driven by a rash impulsivity (panic buying for example). There are now new opportunities for solidarity, and supporting others.  Perhaps it is a simple phone call, or building community through prayer and creative outreach.  Ironically, smartphones and social networking present perfect solutions to ‘distancing’ while being able to communicate in a way that people truly feel you present. 

St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, often talked about two forces in our interior lives: one that draws us toward God and the other away from God. The one that draws us away from God, which he labeled the evil spirit, “causes gnawing anxiety, saddens and sets up obstacles. In this way it unsettles people by false reasons aimed at preventing their progress.” Sound familiar?

Don’t give credence to rumors, or give in to panic, limit and vary the news you watch. 

Trust what medical experts tell you, not those who fear monger. There is a reason they call Satan the “Prince of Lies.”  Jesus tells us again and again “Do not be afraid!”   Yet, panic, by confusing and frightening us, pulls us away from the help God wants to give. It is not coming from God. What is coming from God? St. Ignatius tells us: God’s spirit “stirs up courage and strength, consolations, inspirations and tranquility.” So trust in the calm and hope you feel. That is the voice to listen to.  When things seem dark nothing helps me to shed that darkness more quickly than calling to mind things for which I am grateful.

Once again I invite you to be creative.  Creativity is so often a sign of the Holy Spirit.  Perhaps as you meditate on the Sunday Gospel, you could: call a friend and share the passage, gather your family to talk about the Gospel, text a friend asking a question that invites conversation, or be bold and share your experiences of God’s presence is present to you, especially in this time of a crisis.

The early Christians were not free to be open, or “out and about” and thus  creatively shared their faith in the catacombs, or small gatherings in their homes. Remember that Jesus said, “Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them” (Mt. 18:20). We remember that the church is not a building, it is the community. 

With affection and hope,

Fr. Joseph Carver, SJ Pastor

A few gentle reminders:

  • Find a way to pray which works for you – we will post ideas, options and methods on our Facebook page.. 
  • Call, text, and message friends, family, and neighbors today.
  • If you have a sacramental need such as anointing please call 406-542-0321 or email JCarver@sfxmissoula.org

LiveStream Recording of Sunday 10am Mass

  • This is new every week. You can watch live this week at 10 am on our Facebook page. If you’re having trouble with that here are Instructions
  • Palm Sunday Mass is posted below recorded at the Jesuit Residence.
  • Our next SFX LiveStream Mass will be Easter Sunday. We invite you to join with our Catholic community and take part in the Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, & Saturday Vigil) streamed from the Cathedral in Helena. All of the streams can be viewed from the website: https://diocesehelena.org/video-and-livestream/ or on  YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/dioceseofhelena
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