Thank you to all of you who have sent in your weekly offering or have made an online donation. This help is so valuable during this time! If you’re looking for a way to make an offering to support our ministry, here are three easy ways:

1. Set Up a Recurring Online Offering

A recurring gift of any amount helps us plan. Please visit our Secure Online Giving Page. Once you select “Make This Gift Recurring” the system will walk you through a few short steps to set up an account. It’s definitely not any harder than ordering something online.

2. Make a One-Time Gift

If you prefer a one-time gift, follow the same secure link as above to make your offering.

3. Mail Your Contribution

We welcome your offering via postal mail at St. Francis Xavier Parish 420 W. Pine Missoula MT 59802. Please know that we have been experiencing mail delivery and mail-in donation processing delays. Thank you for your patience in this unusual time, and, as always, for your generosity.