The Annual Catholic Appeal is the main fundraiser for the Diocese of Helena.   Although Saint Francis Xavier Parish is under the care of the Society of Jesus, we are a diocesan parish.  As such, it is important to support the ACA, this year in particular.   COVID-19 has hit many parishes hard and unequally. We were blessed to make a smooth transition to virtual Masses and were able to open up quickly under Bishop Vetter’s directive and both Governor Bullock’s and Missoula County Health Department’s mandate.  After reopening, our collections and on-line giving has been stable.  This has not been the experience of some other parishes.  It is time to share our treasury and support with the diocese.  Please take a moment to watch the Bishop’s video and read his letter. The ACA supports the diocese’s charitable giving and programing.  St. Francis Xavier benefits from these programs and giving; let’s help support the bishop’s efforts and support the Annual Catholic Appeal.

C. Hightower, SJ