Associate Pastor

VICTOR CANCINO was born in Los Angeles, California in 1982. He entered the Society of Jesus in 2004 and was ordained a priest in 2015. He studied philosophy at Saint Louis University, theology at Boston College, and Scripture in Rome, where he received his licentiate degree (2019) at the Pontifical Biblical Institute. His thesis, The Shepherd of Galilee: An Implicit Synkrisis Between Herod and Jesus in Mk 6:1-34, was the basis for several preached retreats in Thailand, Cambodia, and Singapore (Summer 2019). Since 2015, he has been a spiritual director to several men in seminary formation studying in Rome. He has led diocesan seminarians from the Pontifical Scots College, the Venerable English College, and from the Theological Seminary in Naples on Ignatian-styled silent retreats by adapting The Spiritual Exercises. Recently he has completed the last formal stage of Jesuit formation called Tertianship. The upcoming year will bring Fr. Victor to Missoula where he will serve as Parochial Vicar for Saint Francis Xavier Parish and as Parochial Vicar of Saint Ignatius Mission in St. Ignatius, with Sacred Heart Mission in Arlee, and St. John Berchmans Mission in Jocko. He considers himself a polyglot because he can say, “My (e.g., French) is terrible, but I can understand a little!” in a least six modern tongues and perhaps read that phrase in four other dead languages. His taste in life is just like his taste in music, eclectic. Two things that have seen him through the 2020 pandemic is listening to the podcast Ear Hustle, about incarcerated life at San Quentin, and to K-Jazz 88.1, an American Jazz and Blues public radio station from Long Beach, California.


Phone: 406.541.6045