Associate Pastor

I am a westerner at heart, spending my first 24 years in Colorado.  After studying 7 years at Colorado State, where I majored in wildlife biology and conservation education, I worked in various jobs in Washington D.C., New Mexico and Idaho.
I entered the Jesuits in 1995 from Idaho and never looked back.  I have been blessed to encounter a world ‘charged with the grandeur of God,’ through studies, international travel and work.  Everywhere I go I meet people whose lives tell the story of a God who delights in us.
Much of my apostolic work has been in education, having taught various topics in both science and religion.  Some subjects that pique my curiosity are conservation biology, animal behavior, sacred art and architecture, Church history, moral theology (medical and environmental ethics), and cultural analysis, particularly in the ways people interact with the natural world and the intersection of science and religion.
My most recent assignment was as Chaplain for St. Paul’s Catholic Student Center at Boise State University.  While there I gained a greater appreciation for and understanding of liturgy, the sacraments, and the New Evangelization promoted by St. John Paul II.
You’ll discover through my homilies and getting to know me I come with a vast range of experiences and interests, ranging from international travel, photography, gardening, hunting, sports and classical music.  I’ve been known to enjoy stimulating conversation over a cigar and glass of fermented grape juice.


Phone: 406.541.6035