Director of Communications

Most of us have acknowledged one time or another that it was Grace which brought us here. And this grace has given me a view of a different perspective.

I am originally from the East coast and formally employed in NYC with a back ground in art & design (a graduate of Parsons). I do recognize that my creativity, my ability to look ahead, organize, & meet deadlines etc. comes from that discipline & fast pace and the Joy it is to utilize those same gifts here at St. Francis Xavier. It was a pleasure to paint and offer to the Parish my study of Rembrandt’s Prodigal Son for the Holy Year of Mercy in 2015 which is displayed above the reconciliation room.

I moved into my new role as Director of Communications in January of 2018 which allows me to give my full attention to all things creative. Everything from our weekly bulletin, various booklets such as the Way of the Cross, photographing and posting on our website, Facebook, etc., and of course, the opportunity to incorporate my illustrations.

One of our Jesuit Fathers once expressed to me that I have a privileged view. I couldn’t agree more. And, I do see that as a blessing.

Other blessings in my life, my husband of 25yrs Bob and my 2 daughters, Andrea and Guinevere both of whom attended Missoula Catholic Schools Kindergarten thru High School. Andrea graduated from Loyola Sacred Heart in 2015 and Guinevere in 2018. I am sure you have witnessed my family assisting with the Easter egg hunt or decorating the church for the holidays, which has become somewhat of a tradition. I believe Guin was 2 ½ when she started ‘helping’. And, you can’t miss Bob, especially when he is lector on Pentecost Sunday — yes, at 6’5” and in a red suit.

From 2007 to 2017 I managed the front office – which can be a little like Grand Central station but, I appreciated the times when the unexpected, the interruptions  offered  grace filled insights.

The phone call from someone who just lost a child, the email from a woman who was grateful that the doors of the church were opened – as she was in town for a much distressing legal matter and found the silence, the statues & aroma of candles in our church so comforting.

Even the folks who come to our door down trodden, unsettled – reaching out to us for help. Mostly for us to acknowledge their presence – that they are human too. As of course, we all have struggles. Some more visible than others.

Another privileged view here at SFX is the freely given gift of the Spiritual Exercises. It is often said, that everything is for a reason. I was fortunate that my experience of SEEL (2010-11) coincided with my Dad’s struggle with cancer and passing during the season of Christmas. What a profound experience and what a blessing for my family to acknowledge that the transition from this to the next can be and is one of great Peace.

Grateful for the moments of unexpected grace and to be a part of the community that is —        St. Francis Xavier Parish.



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