Choir Director

“Come, fathers and mothers

Come, sisters and brothers,

Come join us in singing the praises of Zion…”

From Zion’s Walls by John McCurry, adapted by Aaron Copland


When I came to St. Francis Xavier through the RCIA program in the 1990’s, I was welcomed by the music director into the choir and later as a pianist, organist, and cantor at Mass. Music ministry brought me such joy, it truly was life-changing: I sought out voice lessons to gain more confidence as a cantor, which led me to the University of Montana for degrees in music, which led to a career in opera and classical music, and opening a voice studio of my own. Ministering through music began at St. Francis Xavier and has remained at the center of my church life, but I have come to realize that ministry through music has inspired and permeated the rest of my life, as well. For that, I am truly grateful!

I’m thrilled to be back serving as your Choir Director. The St. Francis Xavier parish community is a diverse group of very special people; it is a great privilege to gather with this community each week in faith, love, service, and hope!


Phone: 406.542.0321