Friday June 11th we celebrate the Solemnity of The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus our statue has been in our church for over 100yrs and has received a lot of love over the course of time! Patricia began cleaning and painting the most worn and discolored areas the end of May. We invite you to take a look! 

Give the Sacred Heart Devotion a Second Chance

‘For the Sacred Heart is nothing less than an image of the way that Jesus loves us: fully, lavishly, radically, completely, sacrificially. The Sacred Heart invites to meditate on some of the most important questions in the spiritual life: In what ways did Jesus love his disciples and friends? How did he love strangers and outcasts? How was he able to love his enemies? How did he show his love for humanity? What would it mean to love like Jesus did? What would it mean for me to have a heart like his? How can my heart become more “sacred”? For in the end, the Sacred Heart is about understanding Jesus’s love for us and inviting us to love others as Jesus did.’ – James Martin, S.J.