How Can We Help?

Let us be a resource for you…

Whether you are seeking assistance for spiritual or physical needs, let us help you find the resources you need.  St. Francis Xavier Parish fully supports a program to aid people in their time of need and in whatever form it takes.  If we cannot help you directly, we often can connect you with other organizations within the Missoula area to aid you.

Alternatively, you might be looking for a new direction, volunteer opportunities, or simply a chance to connect with others within the parish.  There are a multitude of resources available to you here at St. Francis Xavier Parish.  Below are just a few ways we can be of help along with links to the appropriate staff member.  For any need listed below, please contact Pam Brigham at 541-6041 or

Assistance to Those in Need

Please keep the needy in your prayers, especially homeless families and individuals sleeping in cars or on the streets throughout the year. There are such an overwhelming number of folks in need in the Missoula area that the Poverello is over capacity and running out of food and the food pantries are seeing record numbers, especially at the end of the months when their SNAP benefits are depleted. As always, we are extremely grateful for your generous contributions to our Aid to the Needy Fund.  St. Francis Xavier Church offer Assistance to those in Need on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:00 to 3:30 p.m.

Pastoral Visits

At times we need help and support to navigate difficult times and illnesses. If you feel the need to have some spiritual support for difficulties we are here for you.  Please contact Pam Brigham with your request and we will do our best to see that you get a visit or phone call from the appropriate staff member, priest or parishioner to provide you with prayer, conversation or help as needed.

Grief Support

St. Francis Xavier Parish has a long history of linking parishioners to acts of compassion and mercy in our parish community especially in the event of the death of a loved one. We believe grief is normal, natural and necessary.  Losing a loved one can be painful and disorienting.  We are here for you during times of loss. Please contact Pam Brigham if someone has died or is in need of support around the death of a dear one.  We have referrals for grief support groups as well as a series of 4 booklets that can help you as you journey through grief during the first year after a loss.  Personal support is also available as needed.

Mass Intentions

Please contact Pam Brigham at or by calling 541-6041 with the following information to place a parishioner on our prayer list.  Please leave the following information:

1. Name of individual, 2. Reason for prayer, 3. Name and phone number of person calling in the request.  This is needed for the Pam Brigham to contact that family to see if other services are needed by our ministries.  The prayer list is published in the weekly bulletin and and announced during Prayers of the Faithful during Mass each Sunday.  If you would like to request a Mass Intention  for a dear one living or deceased – please contact the Parish office.  The suggested donation for a Mass is $20.00 (tax deductible)

Ministers of Care to the Homebound

St. Francis Xavier has a very active ministry caring for the Eucharistic needs of our parishioners.  For those who become ill, whether it is temporary or a long term need, that wish to receive Eucharist at home may call the parish nurse office.  We have volunteers who are caring and giving individuals who will work out a schedule with the home bound person to bring Eucharist, share The Word or visit as is requested by the family or person making the request.  “Ministers of Care” as these volunteers are called have frequently commented that they feel blessed by the bonds and friendships that are made while connecting with parishioners in doing this work.  If you feel called to become a Minister of Care please call the parish nurse for an orientation, supplies and an assignment to do this very fulfilling ministry.

Hospital & Nursing Home Visits

St. Francis Xavier Staff frequently visit persons at area Nursing Homes and Hospitals.  The goal of this ministry is:

  • To assist and minister to members of St. Francis Xavier Parish sacramentally and pastorally in Hospitals and Nursing Homes
  • To encourage all members to remember this group with kindness
  • To provide our members an opportunity to serve God using their gifts and skills
  • If this is an emergency visit please contact the parish office at 406.542.0321.

We often receive requests for the sacrament of the”Anointing of the Sick” which we are happy to accommodate, however if you are aware that a loved one is in need of this sacrament please let us know as soon as you know there is a need.  There are times when both priests are away and /or unavailable.  We will need some lead time to arrange your request.  Many parishioners have been lifelong members and served faithfully visiting others for years. They long to be with their Church family. This work of mercy provides an opportunity to minister to these, love them, and give back to them as they have given to others throughout their lives. It is a blessing to the homebound members, but God also continues to use these people to bless the volunteer caregivers.  Our Deacons, and Ministers of Care all visit persons on a regular basis.  Please let Pam Brigham know if someone is in need of visit by calling 541-6041 or by emailing

Annulment Advocate:  Contact Ann Moriarity at