“How good to thank you, Lord, to praise your name, Most High, to sing your love at dawn, your faithfulness at dusk 

with sound of lyre and harp, with music of the lute.  For your work brings delight, your deeds invite song.”   ~ Psalm 92: 2-5

Music plays an important role in the liturgy. The mass engages our entire being – body, mind, and spirit, through the use of ancient symbols, prayers, Scripture, and sounds. Music heightens the beauty of the liturgy and, more importantly, provides a pathway to prayer and a deeper understanding of Scripture.  Therefore, music ministers necessarily possess a love of the assembly’s voice and the Eucharist in addition to musical skill.  There are many opportunities for music ministry at St. Francis Xavier for people of all ages and skill levels, including:

  • Pianists/Organists
  • Cantors
  • Instrumentalists

Aidan McCormack  1st Violin Sonata in G Minor

Children’s Choir

Please contact the parish to become involved, or for more information about music ministry.