Lector Guidelines

Yours is the task of telling our family story,
the story of salvation.
Yours is to proclaim
the true and saving word of God.
You are the messenger
of God’s love for us.

Lectoring is much more than reading. It is a ministry of proclamation, giving strong voice to the Word of God found in Sacred Scripture, and announcing the General Intercessions at Mass. This ministry is open to all adults and youth in seventh grade and older who love the Scriptures, possess a good speaking voice, and are willing to study and pray over the Scriptures.

For more information and to become part of this important ministry, please contact Fr. Victor Cancino, S.J.

Masses are held:

  • Monday through Friday at 8:00am
  • Saturday at 5:00pm
  • Sunday at 8:00am, 10:00am & 6:00pm