Adult Course Catalog


“There are as many ways to God as there are people.”                    – Pope Benedict XVI

Adult faith formation at St. Francis Xavier is a team sport. What interests you? Have you ever considered leading a study or prayer group? Our theme this year is “Oneness & Wellness.” What do you need from, and what can you offer, this big, loud, messy family we call a parish? We need each other, and we are better together. Join us in-person or virtually. 

Men’s Prayer & Study

Fridays, 6:30 am, at the Parish Office

1st Wednesday of Every Month, 7-9 pm, Riedy Hall

Women’s Scripture

The Rise and Fall of Messiah Figures in Ancient Israel 

Tuesdays, 10 to 11:30 am Feb. 16th – April 13th

with special guest Fr. Victor Cancino, S.J.


What Is Different This Year & How Do We Do This Safely?

The in past three years, St. Francis Xavier has had over 100 adult parishioners register for at least one of a variety of adult faith formation offerings such as men’s and women’s prayer circles, Bible studies, age-specific groups, activities based on liturgical seasons, etc. Those groups have historically attracted fewer than 50 people to a gathered in-person event.

At this time, we have determined to continue with our longest standing adult faith formation offerings: men’s and women’s groups, young adult group, Just Faith, and an annual parish book study. For persons unable or unwilling to participate in any kind of in-person gathering, we will be offering an adaptation of these formation programs remotely and digitally, by leveraging AV and “Zoom” style technology.

For example, our typically well-attended women’s scripture study will host some participants at the church, in-person, according to all applicable directives and restrictions, while simulcasting the sessions to those who wish to participate without gathering. Other adult faith formation offerings will follow that same pattern.

We believe that approach will hold up in the face of any restrictions short of a stay-at-home order. In the event of a stay-at-home order, most of the primary plan remains in-tact while any and all in-person gatherings are cancelled for the duration of the order.

Per the Bishop’s directives, St. Francis Xavier staff will regularly check with our local schools and health department for guidance. All in-person gatherings will be less than 50 people. As required by local directives, masks will be worn by everyone and consideration will be given to provide for physical distancing whenever possible. Pick up and drop off times will be staggered to avoid large gatherings of people. Classroom/meeting room surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each session in a cooperative effort between parish staff and specific program volunteers. No refreshments will be provided in group meetings, and no in-person formation meetings, classes, or events will be held that exceed 50 people.