Marriage Preparation 2020-2021

If you and your fiance have recently become engaged, I can still help you find a retreat in the surrounding area.  Please call Pam at 406.541.6041

Please Note: Our scheduled time for Saturday Church weddings has changed – the times are a choice of 10:00 am or 1:00 pm. Naturally this would apply to weddings yet to be on our calendar.

Click the following links for  information on marrying at St Francis Xavier:


Take a Virtual Tour of St. Francis Xavier Church (drag your mouse to move around the church)

Diocese of Helena    The Diocese of Helena Suitable Place for Outdoor Wedding

Questions regarding Family Ministry and Marriage Preparation please contact Pam Brigham at  406.541.6041

Questions regarding annulments please contact Ann Moriarity at and view this FAQ by the USCCB.