Anointing of the Sick

Healing in Christ

From the very beginning of the Church, Christians have striven to imitate Christ, who “went about doing good and healing all” (Acts 10:38).

This is done through the visiting and consolation of the sick and suffering, and the sponsoring of hospitals and care facilities, but is concretized in a special way in the Sacrament of Anointing. The Apostle James prescribes that the sick be prayed over, and anointed with oil, noting that the “prayer of faith will save the sick” (James 5:15).

Please contact the Parish office for the latest update regarding Anointing.

For an anointing please do not hesitate to contact Fr. Hightower, S.J., Fr. Victor Cancino, S.J., Fr. Tom Lankenau, S.J., or Fr. Steve Lantry S.J. at (406) 542-0321.

We need Prayer Warriors! Please contact Autumn ( if you would like to be part of our Prayer Chain or have prayer requests.

Mass Intentions for The Month of February 2021

Friday 2/26 Ed Moriarity
Saturday 2/27 Vince Harrington
Sunday 2/28 For the People*
Susie Byrne
Sharon Kunzer

Mass Intentions for The Month of March 2021

Monday 3/1 Jackie Wooton
Tuesday 3/2 Adalia Kenck
Wednesday 3/3 Dr. Francis Bertoglio
Thursday 3/4 Theresa House
Friday 3/5 Russ McKinnon
Saturday 3/6 Kathy Oberst
Sunday 3/7 Annie & Anthony Mangan
Susie Byrne
Paige Colmer
Monday 3/8 Kathleen Lowery*
Tuesday 3/9 Beatrize Bencia
Wednesday 3/10 Ed Moriarity
Thursday 3/11 Mary Anne Rehbein
Friday 3/12 Anni. Canonization of Sts. Ignatius & Xavier 1622
Saturday 3/13 Rose Kohout
Sunday 3/14 Mairin Graff*
Teresa Erhart
Dick Brannen
Monday 3/15 June Marie Susen
Tuesday 3/16 Peg Sterling
Wednesday 3/17 Sheila Combo
Thursday 3/18 Shane Pelletier
Friday 3/19
Saturday 3/20 Marcus & Anna Thomas
Sunday 3/21 Ron Cloninger
Susie Byrne