St. Francis Xavier Parish is blessed to have been able to complete a number of projects on the church this past year. Starting with foundation and brick repairs, we are now moving our way up to the steeple. This month the base of the steeple is being fitted with a new tin covering and we hope to complete the restoration of the belfry next spring. Through #iGiveCatholic on November 27th, we hope to raise $15,000 toward the estimated $30,000 to complete the project which will include restoration and painting of the crosses and cupola windows.  You can view the project on facebook here.

November 27th is #iGiveCatholic day but advance donations will begin next Monday, November 12th. Please take some time to view these photos showing the need for restoration, repair, and painting of the belfry, crosses and cupola windows. Please consider making a donation through this LINK or visit the parish office directly. Thank you for supporting St. Francis Xavier Parish.