Please keep all our Faith Formation children in your prayers as they prepare to receive their First Holy Communion!

Adlyn Baldwin, Theresa Bryan, Addison Freshour, Jaden Garcia, Riley Geraghty, Garrett Graff, Reuben Graff, Daniel Giuliani, Dominic Giuliani, Liam Green, Oliver Hedstrom, Philip Hommerding, Sally Hurteau, Jack Laird, Benton Moriarity  Amelia Nelson, Samuel Reichert, Josephine Sallee, Hannah Schermerhorn, Grady Schillinger, Colbie Schwenk, Theodore Siefert, Emma Sproull, Lydia Yeheyes. Abigail Zeigler

This particular class will not be celebrating in a group on a single day as we have in the past but, will be scattered throughout the month of April and May.