Work began this morning with the removal of the circular window of the bell tower by Metalworks of Missoula.

Richard Keller, our inaugural recipient of the St. Alphonsus Rodríguez, SJ Award will be over seeing the restoration work.

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St. Alphonsus Rodríguez, SJ Award presented at our Parish Picnic to acknowledge an individual for their commitment & service to our Parish.

The Award was given to Richard Keller for his many years of devoted service to the repair and improvement of the St. Francis Xavier campus. Among his many notable accomplishments was the work on the wheelchair accessible ramp into the church; leading the renovation of the Loyola Center basement for the child care center; the building, staining, and installation of the pew pamphlet holders; the building of radiator covers in both the church and the Loyola Center; and most recently the selection and oversight of the contractor hired to repair the exterior of the church. Richard continues to support the church with his advice, his craftsmanship, and his devotion to keeping St. Francis Xavier Parish in the best possible shape for future generations. Thank you Richard!