“Dear Blakely, It was such a pleasure working with you for my aunt’s funeral.  The song selections were perfect!  You and Brian made the “Hallelujah” exactly as my aunt would have wanted it!  With deep appreciation for you both, ~ Diane S.

“Dear Fr. Carver, I want you to know that this parish has been our faith community for the majority of our adult life.  Each pastor has been outstanding in their own way and given so much spirit to the life of the congregation.  You have been up at the top of the list in so many ways.  I pray that God continues to bless you and your wonderful staff.  Everyone does a great job!”  ~ Parishioner

“I love to see the news from your church on FB, you seem to have a wonderful church community, it’s so nice to see in a world full of conflict. Keep up the great work.” ~ God Bless, Veronica R.

“So pleased with all the work & restoration that is being accomplished.. you are all an amazing group. I’m so proud to call St Francis my 2nd home.”  ~ Susan A.

“Dear Father Carver, Thank you for coming to wish me birthday greetings.  What fond memories I have of my ninetieth!  Lucky to have three priests concelebrating that day.  I so enjoy telling people about how you made it so special.  We are so blessed you were assigned to our wonderful parish.  So many projects completed!” ~ a Grateful Parishioner

“What a beautiful church, the wall paintings are so gorgeous, a real treasure.  The pictures on facebook are fabulous and capture so beautifully the real essence of the Easter ceremonies. It’s so nice to see everyone so engrossed in what was going on and looking so happy, wonderful pictures.  I’ll be checking in on Facebook from time to time to have another look at that beautiful church. ~ Friend from Ireland

“Fr. Carver, Thank you so very much for all of the support and time during this recent St. Joseph School accreditation!  Your experience with this process really helped move us to the next level” ~ SJS Principal, Tina McGill

“Just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful Masses that are celebrated at St. Francis.  It’s such a treat for us to attend when we’re in town visiting our daughter.  Your Mass is so beautiful, quiet, reverent…what a treat!”  ~ Visitor

“Dear Fr. Carver, We want to take a moment to let you know how much we appreciate all the love, support, time and thoughtfulness you showed our mother and family.  As you know, this past weekend marked the 5 year anniversary of her passing.  You were there for us then and continue to be now as well.  You are such a dear friend and source of strength.”  ~ a Grateful Family

“Dear St. Francis Xavier Parish, Thank you so much for the scholarship to Legendary Lodge.  It means so much to me and I am very thankful you could help out.  I really appreciated the funds and I’m extremely excited to go this summer!” ~ Grateful Summer Camper

“Thank you so much for being a place I can go to refresh my soul every Sunday.  Your message of love and acceptance inspires me to show more love in the world too.  This church and the people in it have become my refuge. Thank you!” ~ Parishioner

“To the Congregation of St. Francis Xavier Church:  I have been experiencing hardships for the last two years due to health issues.  This past month I had to have some work done on the brakes of my van (which I was living in).  I was unable to come up with the money for the repairs.  I contacted Pam at your church and she provided me with part of the funds needed to repair my brakes.  Words cannot adequately express the heartfelt thanks and gratitude that I fell for this assistance!  I believe this is what being Christ-like means.  Administering help to those in need is the example He set for us.  Thank you again!”  ~ A Friend in Need

“Fr. Joseph, Please accept my sincere thanks for all your work, expertise, faith and passion that made the 8th grade retreat ‘the best ever!’  I know your time is truly maxed out, and we so appreciate working with you!”  ~ Missoula Catholic Schools Administrator

“The 125th Celebration was an outstanding event that was enjoyed by all.  It was well planned, well thought out, and delivered everything that I think you and your committee intended it to do. We all like to think that we belong and this was certainly one way of doing it.”  ~ Parishioner

“This Thanksgiving I will remember all the Jesuits of St. Francis Xavier in my prayers.  As a parish we are lucky to have top notch, excellent priests at the helm.  You complement each other in all sorts of ways!  Thank you for everything!” ~ Parishioner

“Dear Father Carver, Thank you so much for letting us explore your beautiful church.  I’m really glad we got to learn about your church and I’m thankful you could inform us so well.  Thanks again for your time for informing us about your religion” ~ Student Visitor

“Dear Father Carver, thank you for showing us your very beautiful church.  The church had many beautiful paintings and ornate sculptures.  The organ was one of my personal favorites.  It was amazing to see how connected all the art and history was.  It was cool to think that the ceiling was a window to heaven.  You were very welcoming and taught us a lot.”  ~ Student Visitor

“You have been able to transform this program into something that engages and educates our children, while providing the right guidance and ‘asks’ to the parents.  You use time wisely and make it enjoyable.  I could not be more pleased with the 1st Communion Program.  I wanted to share with you something I found in my daughter’s room.  She dabbles in guitar playing and song writing with her Dad.  These are the lyrics to the latest song she wrote on her own.  The first sentence is tricky, it goes… “Be still there is a man that will guide you and me…”  So for a second grader to go into her room and write this on her own, I’d say that’s pretty cool.  Thanks for everything!~ Parent with daughter in First Eucharist Program