Santa Rita de Casia

St. Francis Xavier Parish is honored to be affiliated with our sister parish, Santa Rita de Casia which is located outside Cartagena in the beautiful country of Colombia.  This vibrant, Jesuit parish serves a vast area including two missions.  Over the years, a number of St. Francis Xavier parishioners have made trips to Santa Rita in order to support our sister parish and to learn from the people of Colombia.  Linda and Larry McKay have gone to Colombia on a number of occasions and have taught the Spiritual Exercises and English classes to parishioners.  Become more familiar with Santa Rita by reading this  letter from Linda and Larry McKay.

From time to time we also support Santa Rita de Casia financially.  Through our Lenten Projects or through direct appeals we will periodically call upon the parishioners of St. Francis Xavier to help with our efforts to support Santa Rita.  If you are interested in more information or supporting our sister parish please contact Pam Brigham at or by phone 406.541.6041.

Lenten Almsgiving Project 2021 -This year, our Lenten Project will focus on helping friends near and far to recover from the devastating effects of the Covid pandemic.  Donations will be split between the Missoula Food Bank and our sister parish in Cartagena, Colombia. This year marks the 15th year of our mission together with Santa Rita de Casia. To learn more about the history of our partnership, click here

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