Window Restoration Project

Several years ago the St. Francis Xavier Church community embarked on a long and ambitious effort to fully restore all seventeen original stained-glass windows throughout the church.  Through generous donations from parishioners and friends of St. Francis Xavier, the project was able to proceed and the results to date have been simply breathtaking.  To begin with, each window had to have its storm window removed that over the years had aged to the point of completely obscuring the stained-glass from the exterior.  Once this was done the stained-glass window panels were carefully removed in sections, in much the same way it had originally been installed, and sent to the restorer’s shop here in Missoula. In some cases, the entire window had to be removed in one large piece due its position in the church and the difficulty in removing it.  This often involved the use of crane as pictured below.

We wish to thank everyone who donated to this extraordinarily restoration effort. This project and others that are designed to maintain this historic church are always in need of donations.  To make a donation or for more information, please contact our parish administrator, Colin McCormack at 542-0321, email:  Thank you!

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