Stained Glass Windows

Brief Description of the Stained-Glass Windows of St. Francis Xavier

“In carrying out her divine mission of teaching the nations of the earth the Church has made use of the best means possible of spreading her doctrines.  When Bibles were not available to the ordinary populous, the faithful were taught by word of mouth.  In order to impress these lessons upon the faithful, pictorial representations were used.

In the beginning these were found on the walls of her temples, later on canvas and in time on stained glass windows. The practice has been carried through from the middle ages to the present day.  Oftentimes scenes from the Old Testament and the New Testament formed the principal settings for these windows.

In our modern churches, the consecutive stories of the Bible have frequently given place to disconnected scenes of the Old Testament or New Testament or even representations of individual saints, sometimes the patron saint of the donor.

St. Francis Xavier Church, in accord with age-old Church traditions, boasts many beautiful  stained glass windows, donated by pioneers, noble in spirit and living a life of true simplicity in accordance with the teachings of their God.”

~ Taken from the Golden Jubilee of St. Francis Xavier Church, Oct. 9, 1942