Church Organ

The organ at Saint Francis Xavier was built by Hook and Hastings in Boston, M.A.  a duplicate of one that was an entry at the Chicago World Fair of 1893. Built in 1904 at the cost of nearly $6,000. and lovingly restored in 1965 by our own Mr. Dave Thomas, S.J. a Missoula treasure.

The organ contains 5 octaves, and a total of about 1,800 pipes, the tallest being 16 feet. There are three keyboards for the hands, and pedals for the feet.  All the pipes visible in the façade are true speaking pipes. and are the lowest notes of the Violone 16’ of the Pedal, and the Open Diapason 8’ of the Great. The pipes of the Swell division are enclosed in a wooden box with shutters for volume control; all the rest of the pipes are open to the room, behind the façade pipes and casework. The organs original color was a dark green color but changed to a turquoise when the pipes were washed.

Great (Manual II)

16 Double Diapason
8 Open Diapason (15 in façade)
8 Claribel Flute
4 Octave
4 Harmonic Flute
3 Twelfth
2 Fifteenth
8 Trumpet

Choir (Manual I)

8 Gamba
8 Lieblich Gedact
8 Dulciana
4 Concert Flute
2 2/3 Nazard (altered 1892?)
2 Piccolo
8 Clarinet

Swell (Manual III)
16 Lieblich Bourdon
8 Open Diapason
8 Lieblich Gedact
8 Salcional
8 Vox Angelica
4 Gemshorn
2 Flageolet
Mixture III
16 Contra Oboe
8 Cornopean
8 Oboe
4 Clarion


16 Open Diapason Pedale
16 Violone Pedale (24 in façade)
16 Bourdon Pedale
8 Flute Bass Pedale
16 Ophicleide Pedale


Swell to Great Unison
Swell Sub Octave (to Great)
Swell Super Octave (to Great)
Choir to Great
Great to Pedals
Swell to Pedals
Choir to Pedals
Pedal Movements
Great to Pedals Reversible
Swell Combinations: Piano, Mezzo, Forte
Great Combinations: Piano, Mezzo, Forte, Full
Blanced Swell Shoe
Manual compass: C-a’’’, 58 notes
Pedal compass: C-f’, 30 notes
Barker lever to Great key-action
and all manual couplers
Concave-radiating Willis pedalboard
Vallotti Temperament