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Pastoral Visits

At times we need help and support to navigate difficult times and illnesses. If you feel the need to have some spiritual support for difficulties we are here for you.  Please contact my offiice with your request and we will do our best to see that you get a visit or phone call from the appropriate staff member, priest or parishioner to provide you with prayer, conversation or help as needed.  406.542.0321

My name is Kelly Scariano. I am the director for our Parish Health and Faith Ministry. I am an RN and have been involved in nursing for 28 years. My job is to facilitate and promote health and well being of our parishioners and the community as a whole within the context of our shared Catholic faith.  Recognizing the need for health promotion and disease prevention, I can help you addresses physical, spiritual, and emotional needs, and serve as a liaison between our priests, and medical and social services.

This is a broad umbrella to facilitate and advocate for you in health matters as well as provide assistance, comfort and spiritual support through various ministries within our Parish; a full listing of these programs can be found under this ministry heading. My services are not limited to these ministries alone. If you have a need or a question about medical language, forms or need an advocate with your doctor please call me and I will assist you and help get answers to your questions.