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Medical Referral and Questions

In the event of an emergency please call 911 first.  If you have questions about the emergency click here after you have called 911.

I can help in a variety of medical areas with referrals and helping you formulate questions for your primary care provider.  My primary role is to integrate faith and health within the belief system of our Catholic Community.  In addition, I work regularly in the following areas:

  • Health education: Facilitating group classes or individual teaching about health related issues, writing monthly articles for the church newsletter, and maintaining monthly bulletin board displays with health and wellness information.
  • Health counseling: Blood pressure screenings; answering individuals’ questions; visiting homes, hospitals, or nursing homes to assess healthcare needs.
  • Referring agent: Referring parishioners to physicians; connecting individuals with congregational and community resources.
  • Health advocacy: Facilitating discharge planning for hospitalized parishioners; helping individuals navigate our healthcare system.
  • Training volunteers: Assisting and training lay visitors; (i.e. teaching infection control techniques to nursery workers)
  • Developing support groups: Facilitating a widow or widower group; sponsoring regular meetings of people with diabetes or those who have experienced loss.

My activity as the parish nurse is always shaped by your needs.

Many Web sites have free downloadable resources. Below are several with well-produced materials. Most have also been certified by the HON (Health on the Net) Foundation, which means they have met rigid requirements and are approved sites for health information.