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Hospital/Nursing Home Visits

St. Francis Xavier Staff frequently visit persons at area Nursing Homes and Hospitals.

The goal of this ministry is:

  • To assist and minister to members of St. Francis Xavier Parish sacramentally and pastorally in Hospitals and Nursing Homes
  • To encourage all members to remember this group with kindness
  • To provide our members an opportunity to serve God using their gifts and skills
  • If this is an emergency visit please contact the parish office at 406.542.0321.

We often receive requests for the sacrament of the”Anointing of the Sick” which we are happy to accommodate, however if you are aware that a loved one is in need of this sacrament please let us know as soon as you know there is a need.  There are times when both priests are away and /or unavailable.  We will need some lead time to arrange your request.

Many parishioners have been lifelong members and served faithfully visiting others for years. They long to be with their Church family. This work of mercy provides an opportunity to minister to these, love them, and give back to them as they have given to others throughout their lives. It is a blessing to the homebound members, but God also continues to use these people to bless the volunteer caregivers.  Our Deacons, and Ministers of Care all visit persons on a regular basis.

Please let Kelly Scariano know if someone is in need of visit by calling 542.0321 or by emailing