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How Can We Help?

Let us be a resource for you…

Whether you are seeking assistance for spiritual or physical needs, let us help you find the resources you need.  St. Francis Xavier Parish fully supports a program to aid people in their time of need and in whatever form it takes.  If we cannot help you directly, we often can connect you with other organizations within the Missoula area to aid you.

Alternatively, you might be looking for a new direction, volunteer opportunities, or simply an opportunity to connect with others within the parish.  There are a multitude of resources available to you here at St. Francis Xavier Parish.  Below are just a few ways we can be of help along with links to the appropriate staff member.

Assistance for those in Need:  Social Justice Commission ~ Pam Brigham

Ministers of Care:  Parish Nurse ~ Kelly Scariano

Annulment Advocate:  Contact Ann Moriarity at

Spiritual Direction (S.E.E.L.):  Spirituality Commission ~ Peg Taylor

We hope that we can be of service to you.  Please contact our parish secretary, Patricia Lawrence, by calling 542-0321 or emailing