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Spiritual Directors



MARY ANN BIGELOW: Mary Ann is married and the mother of three adult children. She is an active member of St. Francis Xavier Parish, has been involved with the Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life Retreat since 1995, serving as Director from 2011-2016. “My faith journey led me to Ignatian Spirituality in 1994 when I made the Challenge 2000.  I made the SEEL Retreat in 1995-96.  Since then, life has not been the same. The Spiritual Exercises took hold of me and have changed everything. I never dreamed that my God could love me so personally and completely, and challenge me so deeply. The Spiritual Exercises continue to pull me closer to Christ and call me to daily conversion.”

PAM BROUSSARD:  I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born, says the Lord”. Isaiah 66:9. The Spiritual Exercises were an invitation from the Holy Spirit. Pam is wife and mother of a daughter. A convert to the Catholic Church and an active member of Saint Francis Xavier Parish.  

MARION DALEY:  Saint Ignatius says in his Spiritual Exercises, “It is not so much knowledge we seek as it is to taste and relish” what we seek. The Spiritual Exercises were a journey of the heart and the beginning of a deeper relationship with God for me. It continues to be ongoing and I could never go back. Marion is an active member of Saint Francis and guides the “Challenge” pray groups and volunteers for other programs. Marion is married and has three children and four grandchildren.

JAMES LORAN:  Jim is married to Janet.  They have six grandchildren.  Jim grew up in Missoula and attended Catholic schools.  The nuns taught Jim that the meaning of life is to know, love and serve God.  We do this through our prayer life.  “The SEEL program has allowed me to grow in my understanding of God and God’s love for me.  God is so magnificent that we will never exhaust our understanding of Him.”

ANN MORIARITY: “The Spiritual Exercises were only the beginning. The beginning of a new and deeper relationship with God, the beginning of an ongoing journey trying to imitate and follow Jesus Christ. This journey is exciting, joyful, awesome, painful, full of struggle and failure, and never boring. I could and would never go back.” Ann is an active member of St. Francis Xavier parish and volunteers with SEEL, spirituality programs, and peace and justice programs. She is the mother of three daughters and two sons and has thirteen wonderful grandchildren.

PAM BRIGHAM: Pam (PJ) is married with three grown children and one grandson.  She lives in the Bitterroot and commutes to St Francis Xavier each week, where she serves as social outreach and family ministry coordinator.  The Ignatian Exercises opened PJ to a desire to serve the poor and vulnerable and to work for peace and justice in the community and in the world.

PEG TAYLOR:“Through the Exercises I have learned to live in gratitude daily.  Each day is a new opportunity to be thankful, to be of service and to fall more deeply in love with God.  All is gift.” Peg is married to Ron and has two grown children. She is active at St. Francis Xavier parish.

KELLY SCARIANO:Kelly is married to Frank and has four beautiful children. She is an active member of St. Francis Xavier church and is the Director of Health and Faith Ministry. “The spiritual exercises changed my life and I experienced a deep conversion of faith. The exercises led me to find God in all things and to open my heart to receive his incredible love for me and all of creation.”

JOHN WILLIAMS:  The Spiritual Exercises have brought me to understand that Jesus wants to be a part of our everyday life because of the deep love He has for us.  The exercises have pushed me to explore the connection between this love and God’s creation we call the universe.”  John is a scientist living and working at the Bitterroot Catholic Worker Farm.