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Liturgy and Music

Stated Purpose:
The Liturgy and Music Commission promotes and deepens the communal prayer of the St. Francis Xavier community by:

  • sustaining the living traditions and practices of the Church
  • developing and supporting other forms of prayer and spiritual expression
  • evaluating and discerning the on-going worship of the People of God at St. Francis Xavier

Current Activities:
The activities of the Liturgy and Music Commission are broad and ongoing. Altar servers, lectors, Eucharistic ministers, sacristans, cantors, and musicians are trained, scheduled and involved in all facets of weekday, weekend, holy day Masses, weddings and funerals throughout the year.

Goals for 2017:

Recruit a broader participation in the altar server, lector, Eucharistic minister, usher, sacristan and music ministries.

  • Direct (one-on-one) invitation instead of relying solely on bulletin/priest announcement
  • Train youth and young adults in all ministries and encourage their presence at all Masses (not just 6pm Sunday evening)
  • Continue to seek out more instrumentalists to provide music (violinist, cellist, guitarist, etc.)
  • Educate the church community on the ministerial needs of the parish and specifically communicate to someone that they have a talent to offer a service, program or event. This helps members gain confidence and motivation, and their sense of collaboration and initiative grows. Parishes that work at this do not have the “same old people” doing all the work.

Continue to enhance the welcoming and vibrant nature of our parish through the collaboration of the multiple church ministries and the church community.

  • Inform the assembly that music responsive to the liturgical seasons as well as the cultures and languages that make up different assemblies moves the hearts and spirits of those who play, listen and sing.
  • Evaluating weekend liturgies, drawing upon the insights and feedback of parishioners
  • Encouraging parishioners to share what they experience or notice at other churches. Welcoming new ideas will make our parish fresh and alive with new energy.
  • Liturgical ministers who are well formed in their roles invite all community members to celebrate together.

Continue to progress the 6:00 pm Mass on Sunday evenings toward a true contemplative liturgy.

  • Educate the church community on the intent of a contemplative mass
  • Lights are dimmed and candlelight surrounds the altar
  • Minimal activity on the altar 20-30 minutes before Mass (music rehearsal done, quiet background music played, cantor sitting still, presider sitting quietly)
  • For the most part, chants and simple refrains characterize the music which serves to quietly unite all who are present
  • More time for silence and reflection

How Parishioners Can Get Involved:
To learn more about the Liturgical and Music Commission or to join in our activities please contact the Commission Chair listed at the bottom of the page or the following members:

To altar serve: Rachael Beck at 406.541.6040
To serve as a lector: Kris Sommerville at 406.549.6380
To serve as a Eucharistic minister: Kris Sommerville at 406.549.6380
To serve as an usher: Floyd Severson at 406.258.5450
To serve as a sacristan: Kathy Brasingtonat
To serve in our music ministry: Rachael Beck at 406.541.6040

List of Current Members:
Rachael Beck
Sandy Brosious
Maureen Dougherty
Kyle Gauthier
Terry Hiro
Marin Sewell
Mike Trudnowski
Erin Turner

Commission Chair (Phone & email)
Rachael Beck, Chair

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