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Ministries and Commissions

St. Francis Xavier’s leadership is divided into commissions that are convened by core staff members and chairpersons who help advise the pastor on the various areas of parish life. These areas are reflected in the website menu structure: while each are has definite areas of responsibility it is important to realize that each area supports the work of the others in a very important way.

The commissions are: Liturgy and Music, Social Justice, Spirituality, Finance, Faith Formation, Parish Life, Facilities and Stewardship All these ministries depend on the support of parish volunteers. If you are interested in becoming more involved, please see the individual commission webpages for addition information.

If you have an initiative you want to propose in any area of the parish, bring your idea to the appropriate commission chairperson or staff member. The chair will put your idea on the commission’s agenda for the commission to consider in a timely fashion. Once the staff liaison learns of your initiative through the commission process, she or he will then relate your idea or initiative to the pastoral staff at its weekly meeting. Since the staff is aware of all of the initiatives coming forward in the parish, the staff liaison can help the commission view their proposed initiative in light of the larger picture, the whole life of the parish.

The process for moving an initiative from idea form to action is the following: the appropriate commission will research, review, and reflect on a course of action that is consistent with our Mission and Vision Statement. After collaboration with the Pastor, Pastoral Staff, other appropriate commissions, and the Pastoral Council, the commission then makes a decision by consensus on a course of action.

We so deeply appreciate all our volunteers who are working so passionately on these commissions for the benefit of St. Francis Xavier Parish.